Android Email Settings

Follow the instructions below to set up your email account on your Android device

Please note, there are many different Android devices and versions, each with varying email applications and configuration screens. The instructions below may not match your specific device perfectly. These instruction are meet as a guide. If you have trouble setting up your Android phone or tablet, contact LTOL Support.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select Add Account
  4. Select Email
  5. Enter your full email address and password, then press Manual Setup
  6. Select IMAP for type of account
  7. Enter your full email address for Email Address AND Username
  8. Enter your account password
  9. For IMAP Server enter:
  10. Select SSL (accept all certificates) as security type
  11. Verify that the incoming port is 993
  12. Press Next
  13. For SMTP Server enter:
  14. Security type TLS (accept all certificates)
  15. Verify the port for the outgoing server is 587
  16. Username should be full email address and passsword
  17. Press Next
  18. Select the options you wish to use for push notification (ie. auto check mail)
  19. Press Next, give the account a name and save/done