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Voted IT Company of the Year in 2015, Lake Tahoe Online provides IT, marketing, and technology solutions that move the people and businesses of the Tahoe - Truckee area forward.

Our mission is to offer good old fashioned customer support with leading edge services and technology. If you have a problem, we’ll find a solution.

Who Says You Can't Have it All?

We know that you are like us in making our small businesses work, while living the lifestyle we've dreamed of in the remote and natural beauty of North Lake Tahoe. The majestic lifestyle we experience here has come at a cost of access to high-speed internet and other technologies that city folk often take for granted. But not anymore. We at Lake Tahoe Online are optimistic, future-focused, and open to risk and change so long as we can keep living the dream here in Tahoe.

Old Fashioned Customer Service

Our devotion to service is what makes us do things that might seem old fashioned, like making house calls, even in a snowstorm. We understand how frustrating it is to have problems with the Internet and we are here to get it all sorted out, while sharing a visit, a laugh, and helping you understand cyberspace in a language that does not make your eyes glaze over.

Our business, like our town, is growing. As new owners of Lake Tahoe Online, we are motivated to move the Tahoe - Truckee area forward with new services and solutions.

Forward Thinking Offerings:

  • IT Support
  • Website Design
  • Domain Management
  • Hosting
  • Email
  • Cloud Software
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertisements
  • Content Strategy + Digital Marketing
  • Design and Branding Services
  • One-On-One & Small Group Training
  • Internet Access

The Future

Something good can always be better. At Lake Tahoe Online, we have the passion and expertise to keep your business competitive in an ever changing world. You have enough to keep track of in your area of expertise. Let us use our expertise to guide you in keeping your business current and irresistibly appealing to all of your clientele - now and into the future.


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Lake Tahoe Online has been an access point for locals in the Greater Tahoe Region over 15 years and we've made investments that will make your access even better! Talk to our representatives today and find out all the ways we can make your workflow easier, faster and better.

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Talk to an LTOL representative today and find out all the ways we can make your workflow easier, faster and better.

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10266 Truckee Airport Road, Suite C
Truckee, CA 96161

Hours: By Appointment Only

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Lake Tahoe Online
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